Disenchantment Season 4

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Synopsis: In Disenchantment Season 4, we return to the fantastical medieval kingdom of Dreamland for another thrilling installment of this irreverent animated series. This season picks up where the previous one left off, as Princess Bean, her loyal companions, and a host of quirky characters continue to navigate the unpredictable and often perilous world they inhabit.
As Dreamland faces new threats and challenges, Bean, Elfo, and Luci find themselves entangled in a complex web of politics, magic, and family drama. Bean, now firmly established as the ruler of Dreamland, grapples with the responsibilities of leadership while attempting to carve out her own path in a world dominated by tradition and patriarchy.
Meanwhile, Elfo’s true origins and mysterious heritage are explored in greater detail, leading to shocking revelations that could change the fate of Dreamland forever. Luci, the lovable demon, continues to provide his unique blend of humor and mischief, though his past catches up with him, and he’s faced with a life-altering decision.

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