Fired on Mars Season 1

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Synopsis: “Fired on Mars” is a sci-fi cartoon series set in the year 2050, where humans have established a colony on Mars. The series follows the adventures of a group of colonists who work for a mining company, digging up rare minerals from the planet’s surface.
The series begins with the arrival of a new member to the team, a young engineer named Alex, who is eager to prove herself. But things take a dark turn when a sudden explosion destroys the mining equipment and leaves the colonists stranded without communication to Earth.
As they struggle to survive, tensions rise within the group, and suspicions of foul play begin to surface. The colony’s leader, a gruff ex-astronaut named Tom, suspects sabotage from a rival company, but his accusations only lead to further division among the group.
Meanwhile, Alex uncovers a strange discovery: evidence of ancient Martian life. As she and her fellow colonists investigate this incredible find, they realize that their survival on the planet may depend on unlocking the secrets of Mars’ past.

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