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Hal (2013)

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Synopsis: “Hal” is a touching animated movie that explores themes of grief, love, and what it means to be human. The story follows a young woman named Kurumi who is deeply in love with her boyfriend, Hal.
Tragically, Hal dies in an accident, leaving Kurumi heartbroken and struggling to move on. However, her grief is soon interrupted by a robot named Q01, who is sent to her by Hal’s grandfather. Q01 is designed to take on the appearance and personality of a human, and is tasked with helping Kurumi overcome her sadness and move forward with her life.
As Kurumi spends time with Q01, she begins to see the world in a new way. She learns to appreciate the simple things in life and starts to realize that there is more to happiness than just being in love.
Together, Kurumi and Q01 embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. They meet new people, explore the world around them, and confront their fears and doubts. Along the way, they learn that love and happiness can be found in unexpected places, and that even in the face of tragedy, life is still worth living.

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