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Lupin The 3rd vs. Cat’s Eye (2023)

Watch Lupin The 3rd vs. Cat’s Eye (2023) full movie online
Synopsis: In the animated feature film Lupin The 3rd vs. Cat’s Eye, Arsene Lupin III, the world-renowned thief, is pitted against the elusive trio of female thieves, Cat’s Eye, who have returned after a long hiatus.
When Cat’s Eye begins stealing priceless artifacts from around the world, Lupin sees this as a challenge and an opportunity to prove himself as the greatest thief in the world. But as he delves deeper into the mystery, he discovers that the stakes are much higher than he originally thought.
With the help of his loyal team, including his partner-in-crime Jigen and his love interest Fujiko, Lupin sets out to stop Cat’s Eye and uncover the truth behind their latest heists. As the two teams race across the globe, they come face-to-face with dangerous foes and unexpected obstacles.
But as the rivalry between Lupin and Cat’s Eye heats up, they begin to realize that they may have a common enemy. A powerful and shadowy organization has its sights set on a mysterious object that could change the world forever, and Lupin and Cat’s Eye may be the only ones who can stop them.

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