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New Gods: Yang Jian (2022)

Watch New Gods: Yang Jian (2022) full movie online
Synopsis: “New Gods: Yang Jian” is an epic animated movie that tells the story of Yang Jian, a young warrior who becomes a powerful god. Set in ancient China, the movie follows Yang Jian as he embarks on a dangerous journey to save his kingdom from evil forces that threaten to destroy it.

With his bravery and fighting skills, Yang Jian is able to defeat the evil spirits and save the kingdom. However, he is gravely injured in the process and must undergo a magical transformation in order to survive.

As he heals, Yang Jian discovers that he has been given incredible powers by the gods. With his newfound strength, he becomes a god himself and embarks on a quest to protect his people and defeat the ultimate evil that threatens their land.

Along the way, Yang Jian must confront his own doubts and fears, as well as the treacherous plots of those who seek to use his powers for their own gain. But with the help of his loyal companions and his unwavering determination, he is able to overcome all obstacles and emerge as a true hero.

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