Royal Crackers Season 1

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Synopsis: “Royal Crackers” is a hilarious cartoon series that follows the adventures of four mischievous and charismatic animal characters living in the Kingdom of Crackerland. The first season consists of 13 episodes, each with a unique storyline and plenty of comedy.
The series begins with an introduction to the main characters: Duke, the brave and confident dog who always gets himself into trouble; Duchess, the clever and resourceful cat who comes up with the plans to get them out of it; Sir Snuffles, the loyal and slightly dim-witted hamster who is always eager to help out; and Lady Paws, the sassy and fashionable rabbit who adds her own flair to their adventures.
Throughout the season, the group finds themselves in a variety of situations, from attempting to outwit a thieving squirrel to competing in a talent show against their rival animal group, the Crackpot Crew. Along the way, they also encounter other colorful characters, such as the eccentric inventor Professor Nutty and the suave and charming Prince Furrball.
Despite their differences, the Royal Crackers always come together to help each other out and save the day. With plenty of humor, action, and heart, “Royal Crackers” is a delightful series that will entertain viewers of all ages.

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