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Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken (2023)

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Synopsis: In the sunlit coastal town of Coral Harbor, an ordinary teenager named Ruby Gillman finds herself grappling with the usual struggles of adolescence: school, friendships, and the pressure to fit in. However, Ruby harbors a unique secret that sets her apart from everyone else – she is the descendant of an ancient line of legendary sea creatures known as Krakens.
As the last surviving Kraken, Ruby possesses extraordinary powers, including the ability to manipulate water and communicate with marine life. Despite the guidance of her caring guardian, a wise old sea turtle named Tidus, Ruby’s abilities often get her into trouble. As a result, she keeps her true identity hidden from her peers, fearing that they wouldn’t understand or accept her for who she really is.
Everything changes when an ambitious and unscrupulous marine biologist named Dr. Phineas Greystone arrives in Coral Harbor. Obsessed with capturing a mythical sea monster rumored to live in the area, he uses cutting-edge technology and his ruthless nature to exploit the ocean and its inhabitants. Unaware of Ruby’s true identity, he lures her into helping him with his research under false pretenses.
As Ruby becomes entangled in Dr. Greystone’s plans, she unwittingly puts her family and the entire underwater ecosystem at risk. When Tidus discovers the truth about the sinister scientist’s intentions, he urgently warns Ruby to break free from his grasp and embrace her Kraken heritage.
Realizing the magnitude of her responsibilities and the importance of preserving her underwater world, Ruby embarks on a journey of self-discovery and courage. With the support of her loyal friends, both human and marine, she embraces her true self and transforms into the Teenage Kraken, a formidable force of nature.
As the battle between Ruby and Dr. Greystone reaches its climax, Coral Harbor becomes the backdrop for an epic showdown. Ruby must summon all her strength and powers, learning to trust in herself and the people who believe in her, to protect her home and all the creatures that call it their own.
Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken is an inspiring and action-packed animated adventure that celebrates the power of identity, friendship, and environmental conservation. With heartwarming moments, thrilling action sequences, and a vibrant underwater world, the film reminds audiences of the importance of embracing their uniqueness and taking a stand to protect the planet we all share.

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