The Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog

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Synopsis: In Gnarly Woods, almost anything can happen. A lone bell rings by itself, fish rain from the sky, green eyes glow in the dark, trees turn blue, the lake suddenly foams and is that a giant phantom footprint? Mysteries abound! And Alfred, an energetic ten-year-old, clue collecting detective with a keen eye for detail and an ear for the incongruous finds it all serious mysterious. Alfred has a taste for technology and always carries his amazing Dectectaberry, a high-tech pocket device that records, films, stores multitudinous amounts of information and clues, and collects fingerprints. Sherlock Holmes had Watson and our Master of Mystery Alfred, has his two best buds, Camille and Milo! And anyone can join this skilled and creative detective team. All that’s required is critical thinking, a bit of a bent for science, and the ability to link clues… That won’t always be easy, but it will always be fun!
Creators: Mary Mackay-Smith, Merilyn Read
Stars: Carolina Bartczak, Angela Galuppo, Emma Taylor-Isherwood
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